Good reasons to meditate.

Meditation increases mental and physical stability.

Meditation strengthens the willpower.

Meditation nurtures the feeling of joy, passion, happiness, patience, generosity, forgiveness. You will be more resourceful and productive. Regular meditation helps you to become more resilient and calm in all situations in life.

The meditation on two hearts for peace by Master Choa Kok Sui:

Worldwide people meditate together in groups for peace and love during the Full Moon.

We invite you to meditate together with us. Enjoy a guided meditation that will help you to let go and recharge. Strengthen yourself, your projects and goals. During the meditation the planet earth and all beings will be blessed with love and peace, this leads to inner peace while meditating.




Full Moon 2020

Oberhausen 2301,

From 19.00 hours to 20.00 hours

10. January / Friday

9. February/ Sunday

9. March/ Monday

8. April/ Wednesday Lockdown Corona

 May / No Meditation

5. June/ Friday Cancelled Corona Corona

5. July / Sunday

3. August/Monday

2. September / Wednesday

1. October / Thursday

31. October / Monday

30. November / Monday

30. December / Wednesday