Pranic Healing Session

Prana Anwendung

Prana energy work is touch-free method.

Prana purification through the energy body has 5 stages.

First and foremost, a conversation with the Client is used to determine their current status. Then the 5 steps begin.

  1. I start scanning the energy body to determine its energetic condition. Here the aura and the chakras are looked at in detail and their energetic condition is documented.
  2. Next, the aura is cleansed.
  3. Then the chakras are cleansed of the old depleted energy.
  4. After cleansing, the chakras are then energized with new vital prana (life energy).
  5. At the end, a check is made whether the chakras have been sufficiently energized.

In the conclusion I compare the energetic condition of point 1 and the present condition as recorded from the very start.



One session lasts 60 minutes.

Single session €80,-

5-Hour block €350,- (€70,- per hour)