Prana for Beauty

The face is the window to our soul. The older we get and the more environmental influences we are exposed to, the more we see the effects on our face.

We recognize "signs of aging" in the form of wrinkles and the loss of elasticity of the skin.

But stress and traumatic experiences also make themselves noticeable. When we are out of balance, this is immediately reflected in our face and negative emotional energies, can also manifest themselves as wrinkles in our face.

The Prana beauty treatment removes these blocking energies and replenishes them with fresh vital energy. In this way, the skin's self-regeneration ability is revived. No chemical aids are used, only energy. Thus, there are no allergic reactions and it is completely painless.

Our eating habits naturally also play a decisive role in the condition of our skin.

Prana beauty treatments are similar to a cosmetic treatment
It is structured as follows.

Cleaning, moistening, toning, regenerating.

The face and neck are the most popular areas. But of course these applications work on the whole body. As well as for scars and stretch marks etc.