Rituals have always been part of our tradition. In these modern times, everyday rituals have found more space in our lives. Like having breakfast in a certain way or bathing with certain oils and candles. However, our ancestors knew the value of rituals in terms of spatial clarification and personal "soul care."

The use of rituals was included in all major events. For example, when buying land, starting construction, or when moving house."

House cleaning ritual using energy

People usually leave Information / energy qualities behind, where they stay for a long time. This may also have an influence on our sense of well-being. After a cleansing, everyone feels noticeably more free and at home.

I have the following rituals to offer:

Pacification ritual for properties - where there had Historically been Battlefields, famine or similar situations.

Soul releasing ritual for buildings etc. house, company headquarters - where one has the feeling that there is still someone here, although one sees nothing.

Releasing the past - as active support in the form of a ritual for personal transformation.

Forgiveness ritual - to end old burdensome connections, this robs energies unnoticed and maintains inner restlessness.

On request, there is also the possibility to create rituals individually adapted to the occasion.