Prana Basic Seminar 1

Seminar 1

In this seminar you will learn practical and ready-to-use techniques to support the regenerative power of the body and increase your well-being.

The following is learned in 2 days.

  • The principle of self-healing
  • The principle of the life energy
  • The types of energy source
  • The structure of the human being in his energy field
  • The Chakra System or Energy Center System
  • The assignment of energy centers to the organs
  • Feeling or palpating your own energy and external energies
  • The method for cleansing and energizing the energy body
  • Self-treatment and remote energy transmission
  • Meditation

Many practical prana energy healing applications are also practiced, so that you can use this energetic medicine kit immediately afterwards. With the help of protocols in your Book.

2 Days from 9.00am - 19.00pm

€ 390,- / Wiederholer € 90,-

The book of the seminar: Basics of Prana healing, € 23,20

The seminar CD: Meditation on two hearts, € 21,90