About me


Hi my name is Renay Müller, I was born and raised in South Africa and now have found my second home in Austria.

I am often asked how I came to energy work. A silent wish to be able to "heal" from my childhood, inspired by the TV series "Heavens Gate" was re-awakened in me through contact with Pranic Healing.

At that time there was no training for energy work in South Africa and access to the "Sangomas" (natural healers of South Africa) was not yet an option. So in 2011 here in Austria my wish has been fulfilled and I have found my calling.

We are more than skin and bones with emotions. We have a energetic body aswell. Energy is a natural part of us, but it does not receive the same amount of attention in our time as the physical body. We have faded out a whole part of our existence through other socially conformist survival strategies. Perceiving energy/Prana is not only reserved for certain people, this ability is present in each of us.

I am forever fascinated by the positive effects that our hands can have. Due to the extensive knowledge about energy it is possible to develop a deeper understanding of everything that surrounds us and it is a great feeling to be able to help other people with these techniques.

For me there is nothing more exciting than working with energy!

....Healing is my Passion.....